My name is Chad Cotton, here's a little background..

I started my career at an Internet company doing systems administration, which plunged me head-first into technology, which I was very interested in beforehand, but now I had "access" to some real resources. It also allowed me to exercise my skills obtained from my high school job in a print shop, delving a bit into marketing.

After 7ish years at that, having ridden a merger wave and establishment of a great wireless ISP, I made a major change and decided straight IT was what I wanted to do. So I took a job with one of my customers at the time, cutting my commute from almost an hour to 6 minutes. And as a bonus, I got to work with a lot of familiar faces, and learn what it meant to work in Ag.

After a few years getting things cleaned up, modernized and humming, there was an opportunity for me to take on a more active role in marketing. When you're in an IT role, there are always times when you get asked to do something with graphics, and that role just continued to expand, especially when our main marketing person left to pursue other options.

Since then, I've embraced photography, and had a real active role in making a lot of photos, digital video and other assets to market the stone fruit my company grows and sells. I've acquired my own desires in the realm of expanded photography and alternative digital media. I's my most favorite hobby; one can never learn enough to understand how light gets inside the camera and turned into something magical.

I've been very detached from the idea of doing more than having fun with making pictures outside of work but I think that may have changed.

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